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Care (Counselling)

Pre-Course Counselling

Nyra Academy accepts enquiries through various channels, including email, telephone, walk-ins, previews, events, and referrals. It is mandatory for all enquiries to be managed with honesty, professionalism, tolerance, and confidentiality.

During pre-course counselling, our student service staff have the chance to gather information about the prospects’ preferences, ambitions, expectations, and goals. Therefore, they should take advantage of this opportunity to conduct an inquiry session and furnish the prospects with the necessary information to make a well-informed decision.

Our Pre-Course Counselling includes the following:

  • Standard PEI-Student contract clauses

  • Students’ Support Services

  • Singapore Relevant Laws and Regulation

  • Course guidance to align the goals of potential students with the intended learning outcomes of the course

  • Course units and outlines   

  • Application requirements and procedures  

  • Total payable fee throughout the course duration. Fee must be transparent so that there are no hidden

  • Refund Policy

  • Transfer, Withdrawal and Deferment Policy

  • Course admission requirements

  • Course duration and assessment schedules

Contact our Student Service Staff at info@nyra.edu.sg or any enquiry regarding administrative processes or student services.