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Certificate in Scratch Visual Coding (Age 9 to 15)

This course is designed to broaden and deepen the skills and knowledge in visualizing and applying coding concepts through Scratch. Progress from programming basics to advanced levels with a focus on animations and game development. Acquire a deep understanding of programming by using Scratch’s intuitive visual language for hands-on, practical learning.

Scratch allows users to create web animations, games, and interactive stories, all without a single line of code. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and allowing learners to mix together different media (including graphics, sound, and other programs) in creative ways by creating and ‘remixing’ projects, like video games, animations, and music.

This instructor-led, live training (online or onsite) is aimed at anyone who wishes to design and create fun and engaging games and applications, and learn about the basics of computer programming. Scratch promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills; creative teaching and
learning; self-expression and collaboration; and equity in computing.

Scratch is designed especially for ages 8 to 15 but is used by people of all ages. Millions of people are creating projects in a wide variety of settings,
including homes, schools, museums, libraries, and community centres.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

• Program using the Scratch.
• Be acquainted with the Scratch website.
• Create and design an animations, games, and interactive stories.

Format of the Course
• Live and interactive sessions.
• Lots of exercises and practice assignment.
• Hands-on implementation in a live-lab environment.

Programme Highlights
• No prior coding experience.
• Distinguished faculty.
• Capstone project.

Course Duration

NA months (full-time)

1 months (part-time) [ 3 Modules ]

Class lessons

NA days per week x NA hours per day (full-time)

5 days per week x 2 hours per day (part-time)

Total Contact Hours

NA (full-time)

36 Hours (part-time) [ 3 Modules ]

Minimum Entry Requirements

Description Local
Minimum Age
Course entry requirement(s)
No prior knowledge is required


Module 1: Scratch: Level 1 [12 hours]
  • Introduction to Coding Concepts: This module provides a foundational understanding of coding concepts using Scratch. Children will learn about basic programming constructs such as loops, conditionals, and variables.
  • Hands-on Experience: Through practical exercises and projects, they will gain hands-on experience with coding, fostering a deeper understanding of how to structure and write code.
  • Creativity and Expression: Scratch allows for creative expression through animations and interactive stories. This module encourages children to think creatively and develop storytelling skills.
Module 2: Scratch: Level 2 [12 hours]
  • Advanced Coding Constructs: Building upon the foundation from Level 1, Level 2 introduces more advanced coding constructs and concepts. This may include nested loops, more complex conditionals, and functions.
  • Project-Based Learning: Emphasis on project-based learning allows students to apply their knowledge to create more sophisticated projects. This is essential for developing problem-solving skills.
  • Introduction to Game Development: Level 2 might delve into basic game development concepts, introducing the children to designing and programming simple games.
Module 3: Scratch: Level 3 [12 hours]
  • Advanced Game Development: This module takes game development to a more advanced level, covering topics such as game mechanics, scoring systems, and user interfaces.
  • Introduction to Simulation: Scratch can be used for basic simulations. This module may introduce the concept of simulating real-world scenarios using Scratch, a valuable skill in robotics and AI.
  • Final Project and Showcase: The culmination of the certificate program involves a final project where students showcase their skills. This provides them with a sense of accomplishment and reinforces their learning.

Overall Benefits

  1. Progressive Skill Development: The three modules are designed to progressively build coding skills from foundational concepts to more advanced constructs, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

  2. Problem-Solving Skills: The project-based approach and introduction to game development encourage students to think critically and solve problems, skills that are crucial in robotics and AI.

  3. Creativity and Expression: Scratch’s visual nature allows for creative expression, which is valuable in designing innovative solutions and interfaces in robotics and AI projects.

  4. Introduction to Game Development and Simulation: Understanding game development and simulation concepts provides a practical foundation for more complex programming tasks, especially in the context of robotics and AI.

Qualifications to be awarded upon Course Completion

Certificate in Scratch Visual Coding

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Course Fees - S$ 950/=

Processing Fees - S$ 150/=



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