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Student Services

Nyra Academy is committed to continuously enhancing our efforts to cater to the welfare and requirements of all our students. This will be achieved through regular interactions between the school and students through various touch points. Our range of support services includes, but is not limited to:

For all new students

The academy will provide the following services to ensure that students make a smooth transition to Singapore:

Student Orientation Programme

  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • Nyra’s Academy Team
  • Update of the class schedule
  • Details on the Student Handbook
  • Academic regulations and assessment-related issues such as deadlines, academic appeals, assessment criteria and marking standards
  • Type of certification is awarded at the end of the course
  • The Standard Student Contract (PEI contract)
  • Attendance
  • Policies on Refunds, Transfer, Withdrawals and Deferment
  • Feedback channels and grievance procedures
  • Student Support Services and Welfare
  • Course Deferment/Extension criteria and procedures related to suspension and expulsion conditions

For all Current & Enrolled Students

The Academy aims to provide all students with an academic education of the highest standards through provision of these services:

  • Staff-Student counselling sessions
  • Feedback and Complaint

For enhancing overall Student Experience

In ensuring that the academy provides for an exceptional student experience, it undertakes to provide the following services:

  • Monthly review and feedback of students’ attendance and Academic/Non-Academic progress through
        Student Monthly Progress Report.
  • Student Evaluation Surveys
    (Student Satisfaction Survey / Module Evaluation Survey / Graduate Survey / End of Course Survey)
  • Feedback and Complaint Forms
    Students can contact our Student Services and Corporate Admin Department for more information.