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Organization Chart

Our Management Team is made up of working professionals graduated from the National University of Singapore and who have achieved success in their respective fields. They brought with them extensive years of working and lecturing experience, knowledge and skills. Organizational Chart of Nyra Academy is structured in such a way that the main key appointed holders are reflected in the chart. Job Description of each holder is clearly documented. Any change in the Organization Chart, Nyra will revise and update with the latest date to reflect timely and accurate information to the public.  School Managers: Kumaresan Ramani Date: 14 January 2023

About us

Our Team

Mr. Kumaresan Ramani

Deputy Principal /
Head, Student Service & Corporate Admin

Mr. Ramadass Muruganandam

Head, Academic Department

Mr. Ramani Rajappan

Management Representative

Mrs. G Tamilselvi

Student Service